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Tel: 541-324-3749

Email: connect@acacialand.co​

Address: 258 A St. #49 Ashland, OR, 97520

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Private Sessions and 1 on 1 Coaching

In a session you will receive intuitive guidance and cutting edge tools to better understand your body, your emotions and how to self regulate and co-regulate. I use HeartMath's proven technologies and intuitive guidance to help you find ​​clarity, purpose and build core resilience. You will regenerate your life through a better understanding of yourself and see underneath  problematic patterns to their very roots, which might be in childhood, past relationships, frozen beliefs, emotions, trauma, or even a past life. We will work on  alignment with your soul's authentic expression with tools, practices and support. These sessions are customized to meet your individual experience.

These sessions are beneficial for those wanting assistance or insight with;

  • health

  • relationships

  • weight-loss

  • personal goals

  • purpose

  • PTSD

  • Trauma

I work with youth, teens, individuals,couples, organizations, etc.

Relationship Counseling

 A healthy relationship is really about discovery and willingness to take responsibility for our life and the love we truly want. Having tools, agreements and language so we can better understand each other.  Allowing for our differences and common ground to equally be embraced.

Love's magnetic force will bring up anything unlike itself such as  hidden beliefs, stories and wounds to the surface that may prevent us from our true desire of connection, real love and intimacy. This is the benefit and challenge of conscious relationship.

Healthy relationships are really about finding new habits and tools that allow us  to grow out of old ways of coping, protecting and defending so that the love can flow. 

The focus in each session with be first connecting to the relationship with our own physical, emotional and mental patterns as individuals and see how they reflect the positive and negative qualities that are asking us to grow. We will hold the intention together to feel more connected and safe with the relationship with ourselves, significant other, family members and our professional relationships. I work with couples, groups, communities, organizations, schools.

I offer 1 time clarity session or 


4 week session commitment to learn a new way to relate

By phone, zoom call or in person.