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Heart centered living creates a positive impacts on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level. It puts us back in touch with our true essence and in a healthier relationship with yourself and all of life.

The Heart- Shift Foundation is about intentionally shifting into our hearts and together building a new foundation. This program is designed to help educate, bring awareness, and tools to implement and practice building our understanding with the relationships with our bodies and our external relationships in a more heart-directed way. Built on care, connection, curiosity and sustainability.

There are 3 modules

Relation-ship  .  Relation-shit  .  Relation-shift
Relation-ship (masculine)


  • What is the healthy masculine

  • What do I need to feel safe(home) in my body & with others

  • Setting the foundation / ship

  • Brining the implicit to the explicit


SESSION 1. The Foundation

  • Cell /protection or growth(learning our biological map)

  • Share the purpose of this program

  • Sharing common tools, language

  • Agreements, Boundaries, Needs

  • Heart Circle 5 ways of being and practice


SESSION 2. In-Formed

  • Know thyself- How the body works

  • Self-regulation

  • Science of the heart, emotions, body intelligence, nervous system

  • Building core resilience (heart focused breathing)

  • N.E.S.T.

Relation-shit  (child)


  • What is the healthy child

  • How do I love all parts of myself 

  • Address core wounding and trauma

  • Inner child/ parenting(co-regulating) 


  • How we develop as children

  • 3 circles - return to innocence

  • Feeling vs. thinking

  • Beliefs, coping mechanisms and addictions (fight, flight, freeze)

  • Learning to feel safe, asking for what you need and want, staying with your emotions



  • Primary Conditioning

  • Holding core wounding

  • Listening to feel heard, seen, acknowledged, understood

  • Repair and co-regulate the nervous system

Relation-shift  (feminine)


  • What is the healthy feminine

  • Practicing new ways of authentic relating co-regulation

  • Creating new neural pathways



  • Types of relationships

  • Learning your operating system

  • Values and priorities



  • Validating, getting into each others world, Sharing impact

  • Shift out of old ways of relating  with communication that help us to understand each other,

  • Learn how to work though conflict, apologize and create deeper connection


SESSION 7.  Practice

SESSION 8.  Practice