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There is something inside me that just knows I was made for this time. When you know it, you know it. This force lives in you and breaths you. Since I was born I have known the sensitive, intuitive, feminine, fierce, earth and mystery inside of us needs a place to be expressed and brought back into a place of balance, honor and integrity with the masculine inside out.


My journey hasn’t always been easy. I have had enough hardships and challenges that could have kept me from ever wanting to be close with another human. Knowing the deeply disfunction ways of relating have driven me to value, understand and prioritize them in my own life.


I have had an intimate life of pleasure, and pain. Of feeling deep connection with my body with the earth and family, and the very opposite of that. Tragedy, death, addiction, ripping wounds, pain, no support, alone, despair.

This is the polarity of my life. Learning how to hold the full spectrum of  experience with love and compassion within myself and offering that wisdom as service to others.


I have found that somehow in my deepest wounds I have unburied the greatest teachers, treasures and medicine perfect for my unfolding. But damn it has had me on my knees at so many times in my life. How resilient we truly are.


 As a sensitive child, feeling was my navigation, seeing into worlds that perhaps most were unaware of. My whole system has been built upon the acknowledgement of energy, in movement and flow. Attuning to where stagnation or density lives in my own body and others. Since I can remember I have been tracking that with insight, intuition, discernment, body sensation and precision with a greater knowing we are all connected.


 My parents rebelled against most conditioned ways in the culture that surrounded us. We ate organic, only used medicine from that the earth provided. Nature was also my teacher and our spiritual practice, following the cycles of the moon, cycles and our bodies, which was a huge contrast to the “norms” of what surrounded us.

Our family often got made fun of and called weird or different, which of course now I embrace. 


At the tender ripening age of 9 my fathers unexpected death turned everything I knew into a dark looming hell. My mother in deep grief and despair, leaving me as the oldest daughter to care for my two younger sisters, unable to be held in my own. It suspended me in frozen terror, traumatized tasting and feeling every breath as if it were the last. The years that followed addiction, rape, isolation, shame moved in like an unwelcome guest.


When life hit this pivotal point in my younger years I kept strong to my roots, yet because of having no support to move through the pain of this cycle I sought after transcendental escapism. Not to say there wasn’t absolute value in seeking  to escape the body into the spiritual realm, but it left my cellular body with unaddressed scares. AND....it was what was absolutely necessary and what got me through at that time.

In my early to mid 20’s I began the deep dive into the exploration of what I was holding in my energy body after 2 abusive relationships in a row, I knew there was work to be done.


I studied yogic practices, clearing the chakras and karma from the body and began to teach that work. I traveled the world and lived out of a backpack sharing the gifts off my heart and receiving the education my mind and soul craved through the eyes and hearts of the peoples and lands of this precious planet.


On my 30th birthday a precious  seed was planted in my womb. My teacher of the Heart came through as my daughter Neemah. As she came into this world, it rooted me here on the Earth. My commitment to be here was anchored and confirmed the moment I held her in my arms and our eyes met each other.


 This set me on  journey of learning to trust the exploring the heart field of my humanity. I wanted to show her to follow her heart and  by doing it myself, not just using my words but being an example. I began embracing the deeper desire to explore my love of healthy communication models and relationships to our body and each other. To learn to be present, clear, real, heart directed and connected which differs from  what our culture teaches. Learning to become a bridge between our spiritual and human self.


I have passionately learned practices and scientific studies that help others to acknowledge our human trauma,  sensual experience and embrace the wisdom of our bodies. How to create more authentic connection and the important role the heart plays in this journey. And of course leaning into my own threshold, embracing my trauma, and shadow through embody these practices myself while letting myself be messy, make mistakes and being willing to grow.

 It is one thing to understand it by reading concepts in a book, it is another to truly live it and practice it in your own life and relationships.


My life’s work and studies are reflective of that place in me that knows it is time for change. To love and unbury this treasure house of rich feminine wisdom inside us all. Give it a voice, and bodies to move and express through. To support and inspire each other in this rising and igniting.


The time is now for us to breath again. For the heart-lead leaders to come together in unison and create a world that works for all. To share our stories and transformations. That it may inspire others to know they are not alone. I am all in and committed to that movement and change.


 I have been an intuitive counselor and teacher for over 19 years and have been trained in a diversity of empowering practices. I have a strong value in education that is awakening and empowering to one’s soul purpose and lead by the heart. I have been trained and licensed to teach; Full Sensory Perception, Prema Birthing, Access Consciousness, Heart Circles, Positive Discipline, The Art of Feminine Presence, HeartMath™ Institute trained as both a 1 on 1 Coach and licensed Resilience Advantage Trainer just to name a few and continue my education on neurobiology, trauma work, inner child work etc.