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Come back to You

 and Learn To Live From the Wisdom of Your Own Heart



I am passionate about relationships! Everything in life is a relationship. How are you in relationship to your body, emotions, food, the planet, to your work, money and passion? Most importantly, how are the relationship with those you care most about? Important questions to ask. We have learned very dehumanizing practices that keep us in protection and fear of each other which have cycled through generations. Even our most well intentional spiritual practices can keep us from having healthy relationships with each other and avoiding real intimacy. My mission in this life is to bring the heart back into the way we relate to ourselves and each other. So we can feel safe and re-memeber how to meet the fundamental need we all have, to belong. First and foremost to ourselves . We were hurt though relationship and with awareness, tools and healthy practices we can also learn to heal through them. Please join me in this exploration into new ways of relating.



Acacia is masterful in her ability to blend modern science with deep spiritual wisdom and insight. She teaches and leads from a place of true compassion and fully embodied knowledge. I feel her work and teachings are infused with love and brilliance and are a force of healing for the individual and the world.~

​~Krista Holland

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I am passionate about the heart and leading others back home to themselves.

Coming back to the heart has many benefits and addresses us from a holistic perspective. 

It allows us to be inclusive and integrate all parts of ourselves from inside out.

Belonging, family and community beings within.


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